Createx Wicked Colors Airbrush Paint PEARL

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Createx Wicked Colors Airbrush Paints PEARL –Water-based airbrush paint. Excellent paint for almost any type of hard lure. Wicked PEARL Airbrush Colors are graphic neon colors that spray transparently from the bottle with a 0.5 mm airbrush tip.

Dilute with Createx 4011 reducer for greater transparency and improved flow with smaller airbrush tip sizes.

Sales unit: 60ml | 2fl oz

Per Unit:


The Createx Wicked Colors are ideal for the most diverse airbrush work on all surfaces, from T-shirts, murals and illustrative work to Custom Paint, model making and of course lure construction. Wicked Colors have excellent adhesion and can be finished with any clear varnish. When finishing with Epoxy (for example Envirotex Lite), our advice is to first apply a clear varnish and then the epoxy.

Wicked Colors contains a light form of solvent (less than 1%VOC and therefore remains far below EU standards) and is mixed with a durable acrylic binder and the finest car paint pigments. This ensures an excellent flow and additional dilution with the Wicked reducer W100 has an even better effect on the flow and the tip dry.

Wicked Colors are odorless and the airbrush is easy to clean with water or airbrush cleaner.

To speed up processing and get even better adhesion, Wicked Colors can be heated with a hair dryer or adjustable paint stripper.


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