Do-it ES Jerkbait (Pin Tail) Mold


Do-it Essential Series Jerkbait (Pin tail) Mold. Makes 4 beautiful 'Jerkbaits (Pin Tails)' per injection. Make them in your own colors and, if necessary, provide them with accents using ours SOFTBAIT DIP

The tail of this Jerkbait (Pin Tail) has a beautiful subtle action. On certain days it can be just enough to provoke a bite. Carolina Rig, Texas Rig, Drop Shot… or simply offered vertically. Almost everything works with this bait. 


  • -Length: 125mm / 5″
  • -Diameter pouring opening: 16mm
  • -Material: Aluminum (Mold is made using 'Sand Casting')
  • -4 Cavity (4 cavities resulting in 4 baits per injection) 
  • Delivered incl. 2 Jig Clamps
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  • 1. Use a An INJECTOR for optimal results (At least the 45ml version)
  • 2. Lightly lubricate the mold with a brush before use MOLD OIL. This ensures that the bait comes out of the jig properly.
  • 3. Dull baits can be made bright again by using a hair dryer or a lighter/soldering iron. This heats the surface of the bait and reduces dullness. The use of Mold oil (tip 2) also prevents dullness.  
  • 4. If you want a different color tail, proceed as follows: pour the entire bait in the color that the tail should ultimately have. Then cut off the tails and put them back in the mold alone. Now make another casting in the color that you want the rest of the bait to have. The end result is a bait with a different color tail.


Be sure to watch the videos below. Do-it plastisol is used in these videos. It makes no difference to the end result which type of plastisol is used. 

For the beginner


Video with advanced tips


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