Hardbait Blank (Lill Ernie Style)


Hardbait Blank (Lill Ernie Style) – A perfect imitation of a well-known American hardbait. Particularly noticeable in the water due to its flanking action and built-in dull rattle.

Trollbait par excellence. Runs max. 3 to 4 meters deep, depending on the amount of line outstanding, line thickness, and speed of the boat.


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-Length without lip: 13cm
-Length with lip: 16cm
-Weight 32 grams
-Eye diameter: 8mm

Recommended hardware:

-Gamakatsu Treble 13 # 1/0
-Stainless steel split ring #5
-60lbs or 100lbs 7-strand (T1-7) titanium leader


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