LUPA Special Coloring Motoroil 30 grams


Motoroil Special Coloring– These colors change color to a greater or lesser extent under water. See the YouTube video below.

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Add before heating and stir well. 30 grams colors approximately 5 liters of Plastisol. Shake before use.

TIP : If there is a lot of pigment stuck to the bottom, stir it up with a small screwdriver or a skewer. Then shake well again before use.

NB : Motoroil is a Bleeding color. This means that it transfers its color to other soft baits.

All motoroil colors are UV ACTIVE.

Per Unit:



The shad in this video was made with 5 drops of motor oil red on 50 ml of plastisol and 5 drops of motor oil green on 50 ml of plastisol. A little medium glitter has been added to the motoroil red. Smallest spoon of the Measuring spoons from our range.


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