Split rings XH Zinc

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Extra strong galvanized Split rings XH Zinc. These have a thicker wire than the stainless steel split rings from our range and are therefore stronger!

TIP: After fishing, open the lid of your lure case so that excess water (moisture) can evaporate. This prevents any rust formation. These rings are stronger than the stainless steel variant, but unfortunately they are somewhat more susceptible to rust. These are therefore less suitable for salt water.


Per Unit:


XH Galvanized Split Rings Lureparts (Inner / Outer diameter / Tensile force)

#0: 2.7mm / 4.2mm /12kg

#4: 5.1mm / 7.4mm / 36kg

#5: 5.9mm / 8.5mm / 40kg

#6: 7.1mm / 9.7mm / 43kg

#7: 8mm / 10.9mm / 56kg

Sales unit: 25 pieces


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