Tungsten Big Lip Bait

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Tungsten Big Lip Bait – The action of this piece of lure is most comparable to a violently tilting plug. The Head is made of Tungsten and the lip of flexible plastic.

Equipped with a razor-sharp Japanese hook and covered with a non-sticking flat rubber skirt. Can be fished as a jig, but also as a spinner (bait) by simply reeling in.

Also watch the action video below.

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TIP: Choose a pintail or a worm as a trailer soft bait. A paddle tail adversely affects the action.



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Why Tungsten (lure)?

Tungsten, or Tungsten, is a material with a very high density. This allows you to fish less coarsely, but with the same weight. The material is also environmentally friendly, unlike lead. With Tungsten you also have much more control and feeling. Something that ultimately yields more fish.


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