Tungsten Ned Rig Finesse Head (Weedless)

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Tungsten Ned Rig Finesse Head (Weedless)-These Heads are armed with a razor-sharp Japanese Offset Hook. This hook makes it possible to fish 'Texas-style', i.e. with a hidden hook point, so that you can fish straight through the plants. Furthermore, the mushroom shape of these heads ensures that your lure (lobster, worm) always stands upright.

Made from 97% Tungsten. Sales unit: per piece

Corresponding US sizes are from smallest to largest: 1/10oz. /1/8oz. and 1/6oz. Available in multiple sizes.

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The Ned Rig technique was, it will come as no surprise to you, developed in the US for bass fishing. But our freshwater predators are certainly not averse to it. Rigged with a worm or a lobster-like soft bait, this Ned rig technique guarantees hours of fishing fun.

Below is a video about the basics of this technique.


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